How to recycle a car

Car Recycling

Cars can be recycled, somewhere around 85% of a vehicle is recyclable. But, how does this work? It’s not like you can just put a car in a recycle bin and hope for the best! Is it easy for a car owner to get involved with? Are there alternatives to recycling? These are the things we will be talking about below.

How Are Cars Recycled?

Car recycling is a process that has 3 major steps. The goal of recycling a car is to strip it of any valuable parts/raw materials and then to dispose of the toxic oil and other toxic components in a safe way. First off, junk cars are either sent to a junk yard, donated, or sold directly to a junk yard. Next, the junkyard also known as salvage yards will pull the car apart. They have to make sure that they drain the vehicle of any liquids like gas or oil. This is done according to strict guidelines set forth by the EPA. In some cases, the liquids can be re-used, such as motor oil. In other cases, it has to be gotten rid of entirely. Once the car is pulled apart, the junk yard then takes all the useful parts and uses them for either resale or reuse on other cars. A car has around 85% of recycled and reusable parts. The car is pulled apart using incredibly strong magnets and complex machinery. It helps to pull the metal away from things like the cloth seats, the rubber in the car and the plastic parts. These parts are not usually recyclable and they are usually just thrown into a landfill. The metal, on the other hand, is reusable and recycled.

What is a Junk Car?

A junk car is best defined as a car that no longer runs and that is unfixable. A junk car can be an old car that is rusted or a newer car that has been totaled in an accident. When it comes to getting rid of a junk car there are companies that offer cash for junk cars, these companies then may recycle the car or sell it for parts. If you live in New Jersey you should look for a company that offers cash for junk cars in NJ. New Jersey has a few such companies as well as junk yards that offer cash for junk cars.

Recycled Cars

When you have a “rust bucket” or a car that simply is unfixable, you might think that you can just abandon the car, roll it into a lake or leave it someplace in your yard – but these are all illegal acts. In most states across the country leaving an unused or beyond repair car even in your own private yard is illegal. So what can you do if you don’t want to recycle it but you also don’t want to get in legal trouble? Alternative Options For A Vehicle Donate Your Vehicle To Charity

One of the newer options is to donate your car to charity. This works two ways, but both options will benefit the charity. The first way is to give the charity a car that needs a little work but that can run once it’s fixed. These are often given to charities where families need a car but can’t afford one. Your car can be sold to volunteer mechanic, you get the money for what it’s worth, and then a mechanic can fix the car for free. Once it’s fixed, it can then be given to a family who really needs it! The other option is like what we talked about above, a car that won’t run and has no chance of getting fixed. It’s given to a salvage yard, and you can get money for the car, then it’s taken apart, recycled and the money that is made from reselling the parts is then given to charity. It might be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on how recyclable the car is. Either way, it’s beneficial to you because you will be either helping an individual family or an entire charity AND it’s a tax write-off. In order to find some cool charities that will take this kind of a donation – either the car or the money, check out a website called

Sell It To a Junk Yard

If you have a car that is unfixable the simplest option is to just take it to the junk yard and see if you can get some cash for it. It’s not going to be a lot but hey, money is money! This is good for people that know the car won’t be able to be used for something like a used car or they really just want to get rid of the car and not have to deal with selling it to someone else, deal with fixing it up, etc.

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